Sometimes quiet is violent
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The army said, ‘We’ll put them there, and when it falls flat on its face nobody will even know they were there, we’ll take the people and put them in regular units and nobody will ever know.’ But it didn’t work that way. We developed the greatest unit that’s ever been in the US military. They almost killed us, but we got there.

Ed Shames

guess who got a fist bump from the hot guide at the hoover museum for saying something about women’s rights


My brothers were my dearest friends. They were just human beings — and wanted to be considered that way — but they were extraordinary. I cared very deeply about them, loved them. I miss them. No day goes by when I don’t. That gap will be with me for the rest of my life. No way to bridge that. — Edward Kennedy, 1985


Teenage couple drinking milk out of the carton after a dance

() HBO War Meme: Four Characters → Joseph Liebgott

❝ These men have been through the toughest training the Army has to offer, under the worst possible circumstances, and they volunteered for it. ❞


Douglas MacArthur.

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Here’s to those
who’ve seen us at our best
and seen us at our worst
and can’t tell the difference.